Triumph TR3

The Triumph TR3 is a sports car produced between 1955 and 1962 by Standard-Triumph in England. The face-lifted variant, popularly but unofficially known as the TR3A, entered production in 1957 and the final version, unofficially the TR3B, was produced in 1962. Under most conditions the car was very responsive and forgiving, but it had some handling vices. The chassis, which was shared by the TR2, TR3, TR3A and TR4 had limited wheel travel, and the car was somewhat tall and narrow for a true sports car. As a result, on very hard cornering, the inside rear wheel would lift, causing sudden over-steer due to the increased load on the outside rear tyre. This was particularly true with increasingly common radial tyres; the original TR2/3/3A suspension was built with older, cross-ply tyre designs in mind. The wheel lifting was more sudden than that of other cars, because it was caused by coming to the end of the suspension travel while there was still load on the tyre, so the load on the other (outside) rear wheel was a discontinuous function of cornering load, rather than just changing slope.

At Classic Triumph Sports Cars we have been looking after the full range of Triumph models for a number of years. Our knowledge and experience of these models, including the Triumph TR3, has allowed us to provide a high quality service that is in keeping with the expectations of our customers. The iconic British sports cars are a true passion our ours and we love every minute of working on them. Any work we carry out on your vehicle will be completed to a standard that any car enthusiast would be proud of and an attention to detail that is second to none. For Triumph servicing, maintenance and repair contact us today.


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