Triumph Race Cars

Triumph has competed in almost every aspect of saloon and sports car racing. At Le Mans in 1965 the Triumph Spitfire Mk1 Le Mans, driven by David Hobbs, was forced to retire after 71 laps, but 2 of it’s sister cars finished 13th and 14th out of the 51 entries, securing very creditable class wins.

Had Donald Healey not chosen a Triumph Super Seven for some of his earlier motoring achievements, including the 1929 Monte Carlo Rally, the Triumph Motor Co. might never have become involved in motor sport at all. As it was, Donald Healey achieved considerable success using Triumph cars, thus boosting Triumph’s reputation as a maker of sporting cars.

At Classic Triumph Sports Cars we have been involved in Triumph racing and setting up Triumph race cars for a number of years but our personal racing has taken a back seat as we are involved in the Historic F1 as race support engineer for the past two years.


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