Triumph Motor Cars

The Triumph motor cars marque had humble beginnings in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann initiated S. Bettmann & Co and started importing bicycles from Europe. The Triumph name was used from 1886 but it wouldn’t be until 1921 that the company would start to produce its own car and 1.4 litre engine. In 1930 the company name was changed again, this time to the Triumph Motor Company. This was a tough time for the company as they realised that they could not compete with the larger car companies of the time for the mass market. The Southern Cross and the Gloria were released as expensive cars to approach a different market. The last Triumph model was the Acclaim which was introduced in 1981. The Triumph name disappeared from the car market in 184 when the Acclaim was replaced by the Rover 200. Almost all of Triumphs models are deemed as a classic Triumph today and due to large amounts of Triumph cars being exported to Europe they have somewhat of a cult following and there are many clubs and memberships associated with the Triumph name.

At Classic Triumph Sports Cars we offer a full range of services including Triumph restoration, Triumph Servicing and Triumph maintenance and repair.


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