Classic Triumph Car Parts

Classic Triumph car parts are available through Classic Triumph Sports Cars. We stock a large range of parts and accessories for Triumph motor cars and can source anything we don't currently have available. Our servicing and maintenance services cover all models and years of Triumph. Some aftermarket parts available now are actually of a better quality standard than those fitted in the factory and can make a huge difference in terms of reliability and performance. This means that your classic Triumph could potentially perform better than when new and can make small daily annoyances a thing of the past. So if you are trying to source quality Triumph parts then we can certainly help.

Our years of extensive experience and knowledge allow us to be able to advise todays Triumph owner on what will effectively suit their needs. From something as small as spark plugs all the way to complete engine rebuilds and full restoration we can help. For more information on parts and availability visit our website.


 We're based in Limpsfield, Surrey -- Viewing by appointment --




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